PrincipalsErnst-Martin and Franz-Chrstoph Heel
Boarding School PrincipalErnst-Martin Heel
Day School PrincipalDr. Ulrich Drescher
Administrative DirectorGeorg Josten
School typeGymnasium (Grammar School/ High School)
Boarding School CapacityBoys: 50, Girls: 50
Overall number of Pupils650, thereof 80 day boarders and 80 full boarders
Monthly Fee1.950€; deposit: 1.000€; registration fee: 500€
AccomodationSingle and 2-bed rooms
Is a School Year Abroad/
año académico possible?
Is a trial „living-in“ period possible? Yes
HolidaysBasically, the Boarding School is closed during holidays. With exception for Christmas, a holiday care in the Boarding School is offered for €60/ day.
WeekendThe Boarding School is open at weekends