Years 6-9                                    timetableweek 6-9

Years 10-12                               timetableweek 10-12


At weekends it is possible to go home or to an approved destination. Check-out is each Friday at 3.30 p.m. Arrival date is on Sunday, at 22.00 p.m. latest.

Boarding students are also allowed to stay in the boarding school at the weekend. We offer various recreation Programmes ((city)-trips, visits of cultural events, sports)


The Boarding School is normally closed during all vacation periods. For our international Students, we offer a Holiday Care Programm (includes full board, pedagogic supervision) for 60€, per day. Over the Christmas vacation in December, the Boarding School is closed. 


Our Boarding School ist situated on the right side of the Rhine River, just a few kilometers from the famous „Siebengebirge“. The distance to Cologne/Bonn Airport is just 15 minutes by car, about 20 kilometers. There is also a train station in walking distance. By train it takes 20 minutes to the airport.

Address: Königswinterer Str. 534, 53227 Bonn-Oberkassel