The historic „Mittelhaus“ is the dormitory for our girls from class 7 to 10. They live in double rooms.


Our senior girls from class 11 to 12 live in the Buschhaus in mainly single bedrooms.


The boys‘ dormitories in class 7-9 are at the Küchenflur. They live in 1- and 2-bedrooms.

Langer Flur and Bürohaus

In the „Langer Flur“ and „Bürohaus“ live boys from class 9 to 11.


In the „Gartenhaus“ live girls from class 11 to 12. They live in 1 bedrooms mainly.


Our Bahnwärterhäuschen is a common room for all our boarding students in which they can relax or cook together.


Our historic Keller is also a popular leisure room for our boarding students.

Our Forum

The forum is used for special events in our Boarding School.


Our freshly prepared meals are consumed by staff and students in the historic Speisesaal.