The ‘organised’ nature of the community in which children and young people grow up in a boarding school is what differentiates it from a typical half-day school. Behind the central idea in modern pedagogics of ‘promoting’ young people lies a concept of education that goes beyond the purely academic. Education also involves learning to assert oneself in a group, to argue with one’s peers and to take responsibility in a group. Sport, drama, music, planning joint activities –these are all especially encouraged in our boarding school. In such a community pupils are shaped for their future lives.

As a lot is demanded of pupils in class and in the daily specialist Silentien, it is important to ensure that leisure time is fun and promotes both physical and mental fitness – after all we want our pupils to feel happy in every respect at Kalkuhl. There are two aspects to our recreation programme. The boarding school staff responsible for individual groups plan daily activities with their pupils. For the lower and middle school these are compulsory. Examples include: ball games, swimming, trips to the climbing wall, youth theatre, cinema, museums, Art and Exhibition Hall of the Federal Republic of Germany. In addition a range of clubs and courses are on offer as an alternative to the planned recreation programme.

Logo Club

The school’s ‘Logo Club’ publishes a bi-annual brochure in which a wide array of courses is listed.  For example karate, football, dancing, choir, languages such as Japanese or Corean, iPad music composition, rock scarving, just to name a few. Our entire Logo-Club Programme for 2019/2020: 


The comprehensive range of sports we offer is integrated into the daily free time activities of the individual boarding school groups (Years 5-10). Over and beyond this, our Logo club offers a great variety of very diverse sporting and leisure time activities. Worth particular mention are: rowing (16 regatta boats); catamaran sailing (own catamarans in the Eifel and on the Ijsselmeer, Holland); beach volleyball; tennis club; climbing; skiing trips (Kleinwalsertal); fitness (nearby studio).

Water Sports/Skiing

The pupils’ rowing club (SRV) was founded in the 1920s. The sailing and surfing club (SSG-EKG), which is a member of the German Sailing Association, has devoted itself to catamaran sport on the Ijsselmeer in Holland. An over 30-year association with the Alpenwaldhütte in the Kleinwalsertal has seen it serve as a centre for classes and group skiing trips.