We attribute the considerable demand for boarding school places in the upper school to the fact that the boarding school is also in a position to offer our older pupils a clearly structured system of additional tuition on a day-to-day basis, supported by a large number of academic specialists. Experience has made us sceptical of the effectiveness of the usual form of Silentium for the pupils in the upper school. Hence the afternoon and evening work in the upper school consists mainly of targeted and high-quality specialist support in the rooms of the Silentien or in the mediathek. Pupils with very good or good results in school can, however, apply for a place in a normal ‘room Silentium’.

We consider it extremely important that pupils in the upper school also have their own boarding school tutor who, together with their year teacher in the day school, accompanies them through their school career and is aware of important academic but also personal issues or problems. In the upper school the boarding school staff see themselves as forming a link between teachers, pupils and parents. Their academic qualifications enable an extension beyond the school setting to the University of Bonn, relevant for the work of our careers advisory service and in the conception of specialist assignments in Year 12. A number of our pupils have also gained credits from the university, parallel to school classes, and are able to have these recognised when they later go on to study.

In the 3-hour daily study period in the upper school, the specialist Silentien play an important role. Coaching in methodology and content is offered in a variety of subjects by the day school teachers and by the pedagogical team. This specific form of support for the upper school pupils enables targeted preparation for tests and for the Abitur. Our success with boarders in the upper school thus rests on the professional and competent supervision of each year (Years 10, 11, 12) by boarding school staff; a roughly 3-hour daily Silentium in corresponding rooms; a very comprehensive daily specialist Silentium conducted by day school teachers together with the boarding school staff. Finally quarterly reports give feedback on the progress being made by our boarders.