Guided by principles based on over 140 years of experience in day and boarding-school education, it is our constant endeavour to respond to the educational challenges of the time. In our boarding school we focus specifically on consistently and competently guiding improvement in our pupils’ work in the different subject areas. We see it as our job to complement and consolidate the work done in the classroom. This we do in an intellectually stimulating way, advising on methodology, but above all emphasising that effort does pay off in the end.  In this respect in particular, Kalkuhl has a distinctive image and its method of promoting excellence and fostering achievement in its pupils has proved a recipe for success.

For our boarding school staff, openness and understanding are the key to trust. In an atmosphere of trust, true education is possible, education that goes beyond the acquisition of cognitive skills alone. The varied cultural, sporting and communal activities characteristic of boarding school life provide a setting in which pupils get to know themselves and to gain confidence in their abilities. Our boarding school is a very special living space for the journey to adulthood. Accordingly impressive is the extent of our pupils’ identification with ‘Kalkuhl’. We are not bound to any particular philosophical or religious ideology but see our pedagogical work as guided by principles of humanity. The international character of the boarding school trains pupils to be both open-minded and tolerant.  For the future of our pupils their time at Kalkuhl is indeed formative.

For a first impression of our boarding school, please see the following presentation: