Hannes Milewski

Degree in Biology and Geography, University of Bonn.
Qualified secondary teacher for lower, middle and upper secunday school.


Natale Guido Cincinnati

Degree in Cultural Anthropology and Folklore Studies, Archeology/Geology, Univerity of Bonn

Research Assistant at Univerity of Bonn


Judith Klöfer

Degree in Sport Science, Education and Sociology, University of Bonn

BAFA (french certification for the qualification as a tutor for children and teenager)

Skiing Instructor


Beate Fischer

Degree in Sports Science at the University for Sports of Cologne

Focus: Recreation and Creativity


Markus Scheiermann

Degree in German and Philosophy, University of Bonn
Degree in Special Needs Education, University of Cologne
Research Assistant at University of Cologne


Michael Schild

Degree in History and Geography, University of Bonn
Qualified secondary school teacher for lower, middle and upper school


Katja Striethörster

Degree in Education, University Bielefeld

German as a foreign language certificate in Madrid



Ruth Olligschläger

  • Master: Intercultural Communication and Education
  • Bachelor:  Germanistik, Vergl. Literatur- und Kulturwissenschaft
  • Bachelor: German as a foreign language certificate