Ernst-Martin Heel and Franz-Christoph Heel (GbR – civil law partnership)

  1. Boarding school principal:
    Ernst-Martin Heel
  2. Day School principal:
    Dr. Ulrich Drescher
  3. Administrative Director:
    Georg Josten
  4. School type
    German Gymnasium (grammar school/ high school)
  5. Sequence of languages learnt
    • Foreign Language from Year 5: English
    • Foreign languages from Year 6: French or Latin
    • Foreign languages from Year 8:  Spanish, optional (for beginners)
    • Foreign languages from Year 10: Spanish (for beginners)
  6. Places in Boarding School
    • Boys: 70
    • Girls: 50
  7. Size of afternoon groups in Boarding School
    12–18 pupils
  8. Average size of school classes
    • 15-23 pupils in the lower and middle school (year 5-9)
    • 15-26 pupils in the upper school (year 10-12)
  9. Number of pupils overall
    c. 650, of which 90 are boarders and 80 day boarders
  10. Regular Grund- and Leistungskurse in the Upper School (Foundation and Advanced courses)
    • Leistungskurse (Advanced courses): English, French, German, History, Geography, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics
    • Grundkurse (Foundation courses): As above and including Religion, Music, Art, Literature, Pedagogics, Social Sciences, Physics, Informatics, Sports, Philosophy
  11. Success rate in final exams
  12. Status: State recognised or state approved?
    State recognised

    • Additional Tuition
      Tutorials conducted by day-school teachers; subject-based homework supervision up to Abitur; individual tuition
    • School Exchanges for over 50 years with
      • Stamford School in England
      • Andre-Citroen College, Paris
  13. Homework supervision
    • 3-hour homework supervision sessions daily (Silentien) conducted according to school year for Years 5-12.
    • Upper school pupils receive special supervision from subject specialists.
    • All supervising staff have a secondary school teaching qualification.
  14. Individual Tuition
    Tutoring is organised by the secretary’s office in the boarding school and conducted on the premises (by teachers / students)
  15. Leisure time Activities (please look at Recreation Programme)
    • Musical: Art club, Exhibitions, Theater club, piano lessons, pop music, choir, orchestra
    • Sport: sailing and surfing, rowing, tennis, table tennis, skiing trips, beach volley-ball, football etc
    • Cultural: concert and theatre trips, law club
    • Additional: Logo-Club — further training and leisure activities organised by the school’s ‘LOGO-DA-MACH-ICH-MIT-VEREIN’ — bi-annual course programme
  16. Weekend Activities
    Excursions, cultural events, games, sport, supervision by housemasters / housemistresses
  17. How often are the pupils allowed home at weekends?
    The pupils are allowed to go home every weekend. This is possible from Friday 4 p.m. for pupils up to the 10th Year.
    For pupils in the Upper School from Friday, last lesson.
  18. Accommodation
    • Boys
      • Years 5-10: 2-bed rooms
      • Years 11-12: Single and 2-bed rooms
    • Girls
      • Years 5-12: Single and 2-bed rooms
  19. Timetable (please look at Timetable!)
 – 13.30 p.m. Lunch
    • 14-15-16.15 p.m. Silentium (homework supervision)
    • 16.15-17.00 p.m. Individual free time
    • 17.00-19.00 p.m. Group free time
    • 19.00 p.m. Evening meal
    • 19.30-20.30 p.m. Silentium (homework supervision)
  20. Fees per month
    • Boarders:  € 1.950,-
    • Day-boarders: € 750,-
  21. Additional costs per month
    Roughly € 25,- – € 50,-
  22. Period of Notice
    The period of notice is 3 months to the end of the school half year (31.01, 31.07)
    During the 3-month probationary period the period of notice is 4 weeks to the end of the month.
  23. Is a trial ‘living-in’ period possible?